Digital Transformation Award

This award recognises outstanding digital transformation projects. From digital transformation of business processes, digital automation in production, digital design and construction (BIM). 

The judges will apply the following critera:

Business Transformation

Judges will look at how a business has transformed the way they work through the adoption of digital processes or technologies.


This concerns the originality of the project or digital advancement in terms of subject and/or approach.

Application of Technology

This will recognise the successful or innovative application of a specific technology or digital process.


Points will be gained if the idea promoted collaboration/integration across the supply chain and project stakeholders.

Project delivery / Benefits

Judges will consider how digital technologies and processes have helped deliver your project with demonstrable benefits. This could include one or more out of design, health and safety, construction or communication benefits.

Entries are open for this award. Click here to submit your entry! 

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