Project Award

The 2019 Project Award was sponsored by CARES

The aim of this award scheme is to reward excellence within the British Precast membership and to showcase examples of inspirational projects utilising precast concrete.

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2019 Award Winner

Decomo UK, BBC Wales Headquarters

The BBC Wales Headquarters project brings together a wide variety of studio, administration and support spaces in a single building. Precast concrete is utilised for the Wood Street and Marland Street elevations. Precast panels were chosen due to their ability to be cast in large single span units and allowed the design team fl exibility on complex geometry such as curved panels with the BBC corner panel measuring 3775mm by 7285mm.

Highly Commended: Thorp Precast, Buckingham Green

The 2019 shortlisted entries for this award were as follows:

  • Cornish Concrete Products, Neptune Wharf, Project Lanterna
  • Cornish Concrete Products, New UCL Student Centre
  • Creagh Concrete Products, Arena Central
  • Decomo UK, BBC Wales Headquarters
  • Decomo UK, 119 Farringdon Road
  • Decomo UK, One the Square
  • Thorp Precast, Buckingham Green

The 2019 Project Award was Sponsored by CARES

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2018 Award Winner

Techrete, V&A, Museum of Design, Dundee

Designed by Kengo Kuma  
This is the first V&A outside London and was designed by Kengo Kuma.  The design of the façade drew inspiration from the Scottish cliffs and the silhouette imitates a ship in dock.  Techcrete’s innovation in mould design ensured the architect’s intent could be achieved rather than being ruled out based on cost grounds.  Whilst the precast façade planks look uniform from afar, the rear of the planks differ in size and orientation.  A mould was devised, that rotates on large rollers, so that it could be locked at different angles.  Simple to operate and adjust, it made the project cost achievable.  A C155 mix was used with retarder and light power washing exposing the aggregate. 

BIM was used throughout and, together with a GPS system, was critical for successful installation and co-ordination between 18000 channels cast into the structure, and Techcrete’s pioneering bespoke fixings.

The 2018 shortlisted entries for this award were as follows:

  • Banagher Precast Concrete, DLR Encapsulation, London
  • Sterling Services, Lambeth Civic Hall
  • Creagh Concrete Products, Library Building, Roehampton
  • Marshalls CPM, Flood Release Scheme, Rhyl
  • Techrete, 2 St Peters Square, Manchester
  • Banagher Precast Concrete & PCE, The Avenue MSCP, Bracknall

The 2018 Project Award was sponsored by CARES

For further information on all above projects, download our 2018 Annual Review

2017 Award Winner

Techrete, John Lewis, Victoria Gate, Leeds

For the flagship John Lewis store in Leeds, the diagrid pattern was deconstructed by Techrete engineers to panelise a façade to enable production. Innumerable intricate details regarding the geometry, the engineering and the manufacturing were combined in 3D BIM, from which over 600 drawings were generated. Many challenges were successfully overcome: accuracy of facetted corners, contrasting finishes within single units, installation of unusually shaped units of up to 14 tonnes in weight and the requirement for unique permanent fixing methods.

Precast concrete products are used for a wide range of applications in our built environment. This award showcases projects that deliver on aesthetics, functionality, innovation, workmanship, cost-effectiveness and demonstrates the inherent benefits and properties of precast concrete.

The 2017 shortlisted entries for this award were as follows:

  • Sterling Services, Hanover Square, London
  • Techrete, John Lewis, Victoria Gate, Leeds
  • CPM Group, Erith Park Development, Kent
  • Thorp Precast, Victoria Gate Arcade, Leeds
  • Cornish Concrete Products, BP Sunbury
  • Sterling Services, Watermark Westquay, Southampton

The 2017 Project Award was sponsored by CARES

For further information on the all above projects, download our 2017 Annual Review

2016 Award Winner

PCE Limited, Volkswagen Car Showroom Project

PCE delivered a multi-functional building for Volkswagen over 5 floors delivering areas for a showroom, service centre, offices and car parking (7300m2) to a busy congested London site. They worked with main contractor Longcross to win the project with an alternative tender by proposing a precast solution. This solution utilised innovative GT slabs, box units for stair/lift cores, removed a central row of columns, reduced lorry loads, reduced operatives on site, incorporated architectural circular white columns and delivered the project earlier. Furthermore, 3-D modelling during design and tight production control avoided clashes and erection delays. The project is a credit to PCE and their precast manufacturer suppliers, British Precast members: FP McCann, Evans Concrete, Banagher Precast and Ebor Concrete.

The 2016 shortlisted entries for this award were as follows:

  • Sterling Services, One Capital Square, Cardiff
  • Delta Bloc, M1 Junction 15-16 Delta Bloc UK
  • Aggregate Industries, Bay Campus, Swansea Univiersity
  • PCE Limited, Volkswagen, Car Showroom Service Centre and MSCP

The 2016 Project Award was sponsored by CARES

For further information on all above projects, download our 2016 Annual Review

2015 Award Winner

Thorp Precast, Admiral Headquarters

Thorp Precast designed, manufactured, supplied and erected white Portland architectural precast concrete cladding featuring slightly exposed natural limestone aggregates for 11 storey building. 3D modelling played a vital part to ensure co-ordination between fixings in the structural frame and cast in items in the cladding, and for sequencing specific site activities during the work period.

The 2015 shortlisted entries for this award were as follows:

  • Cornish Concrete Products, Staircase for Institute of Structural Engineers
  • Bison Manufacturing, University of Bath, R6 Student Accommodation
  • Buchan Concrete Solutions, Motel One
  • Creagh Concrete Products, Blackpool MSCP
  • Sterling Services, 40 Chancery Lane
  • Thorp Precast, Admiral Headquarters

The 2015 Project Award was sponsored by CARES

For further information on all above projects, download our 2015 Annual Review