Product Data Templates (PDT) for BIM Launched

8 Mar 2016

At Ecobuild 2016 British Precast launched Product Data Templates for 4 products.
Product information for BIM exists in two forms:
a) Geometric data, usually expressed as a 3-D model
b) Other, non-geometric data in excel spreadsheet, although geometric data can also be included in lieu of a 3-D model.
The second of these is most usefully provided in a generic Product Data Template (PDT).

A PDT is a standard ‘questionnaire’ for each product type. Each PDT aims to anticipate the information sought by every party – from specification through operations to decommissioning and replacement.  PDTs are written in Excel format and will be usable with all BIM platforms - so designers and manufacturers do not need to grapple with multiple versions. When a manufacturer completes a PDT it becomes a PRODUCT DATA SHEET (PDS) – a ‘digital’ description of the product.     The standard format of the PDS enables its users to automate their data operations - so each is able to abstract only the information it wants. And answering ‘graduated’ questions posed at different project stages can be done by computers, not people.

British Precast has chosen the CIBSE PDT template and adapted it to the needs of precast elements.  It has sought to maintain as much consistency across different products and seeks to work with the wider construction industry to ensure consistency in approach.

British Precast has launched at Ecobuild 2016 a selection of PDTs – pipes, blocks, floor beams and hollowcore – to promote wider discussion with designers and contractors on what product data is required for BIM level 2. Version 1 product data templates can be Download Here

Update June 2017: The PDTs found at the link below were put together within the CIBSE framework and are no longer current. British Precast’s current position is to publish PDTs through the LEXiCON tool being developed by BRE in conjunction with BIM4M2 and CPA. British Precast will published PDTs through LEXiCON once it moves out of Beta and into full use. Many of the parameters contained within the CIBSE version PDTs will be similar if not directly transferable to the LEXiCON format (Manufacturer Data, Constructional Data and Dimensional Data).